Monday, December 28, 2009


the year has come and gone and we couldnt be happier. well it could be summer...or our studio...our beautiful studio could use some proper heating! yes, yes we've been in the studio carving out some new tracks for some upcoming releases! we will be debuting these tracks at some of our jan-feb shows(TBA)...we will also have handmade copies of CSTA album on hand for a buck or 2.
we look forward to totally blasting through this year in one swift motion knocking out an album a few tours and maybe some fans. this all remains to be seen. an "ok" from the bosses and a proper tour vehicle...we will be good to go! i have traveled just about every way possible this year - tour car, tour van, tour bus, shitty prop planes and 737s....I have to say its good to be back in the studio with my boys because the we are pumpin out some epic songs for this next tour/album. keep your eyes peeled to the myspace page....we might throw some good stuff up there soon. will update from the studio w/ video and pictures soon aswell. in the meantime enjoy this list of MY FAV 2009
1. KAKI KING LIVE...stoll the stage @ WCL with here new band of bearded new yorkers. her new most recent jaunt is absolutely spectacular.
2. Bibio - "Ambivalence Avenue" - Bibio blew my mind this year.... his latest got released on warp records and has since gained some well deserved exposure. You can tell he is torn by his interests on this one, but it still works...this is the perfect blend of melodic lo-fi folk guitar and glitch ridden instrumental hip hop tracks.
3. The Bad Plus - "For All I Care" - With the addition of Wendy Lewis this band took an interesting shape. The Bad Plus shook up the jazz world with this one... ive read reviews that praised it....but all to often motherfuckers be hatin. This is what its all about right here. The Punk/Jazz element of "for all i care" gives a forgotten meaning (to some) to both genres. To quote Mike Watt, "punk is whatever you want it to be." -the same goes for jazz...thanks for being "you" (reid ethan, david, wendy)!
4. The Lymbyc Systym - "Shutter Release" - broken, bittersweet, open, longing for a place to call home, growing up, cut/paste, winter, being on the road too long, void of feeling, driving late at night, aftershow, running through raindrops of synths glitches, rhodes piano and cut up rim shots, not over thought, painful, warmth.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Madrid Faults Guitar Rock To YERR NECK

quite a run with the boys... looking back, it feels like some blurry childhood memory. 10 days in a rented SUV with no food or money can do that to you. but ill say we rocked some of the strangest places ive been yet. big props to seamus and his chapel hill rock opera. full choir, horns, vibes, strings, etc. it blew minds....oh and thanks to marc we got our tantric driade experience on. i will be back again in a month or so to zen out. HIPPIES HIPPIES HIPPIES HIPSTER HAM SANDWICH. Louisville threw us for a loop. what we thought was going to be a pretty radical show turned into a hilariously confusing acid trip by the end of our two day run. lets make a habit of seeing some more hairy ass @ nmf outings. very sweet people though, thanks myron and hideaway crew for taking care of us. hope to be back soon...with more funk under our belts. Indianapolis proved a more tame sit down audience. thanks everyone for being so attentive...especially during shark week...WAHT THE FUCK! oh and accordians, you make beautiful sounds rarely found in thiese fine states of amRRica...keep rockin' those auto harps and glockenspiels! ughh i have wiudvhwv to fly to denver in like 6 hours i must pack! thanks to everyone who helped us along the way... TIM OF CHICAGO, QUINN OF SOUTH BEND, SCOTT OF JOHNSTOWN. AND THE CROWD OF JOHNSTOWN FOR SINGING TTWGOODBYE WITH US!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

handful of escorpions

in a warm tub

new jams marching, swimming......whatever..around our towns + up in the space..we're getting some of this all over the map shit recorded. hot, fat tape machine ready to split currents and a ferrous inch into sixteen sparkle parts and 3rd zine ready to sssplode. so many new songs are toddlers and in a few weeks we're on tour with an in-hand copy of "concerning small town aberration". still don't know if we want to spell 'aberration' incorrectly or maybe make fake names for the Itunes versions. At very least i'm going to start using twitter as a completely fictional outlet. maybe creative non-fiction. nah, purely for lies.

check this out---john's dad's band (steve kimock crazy engine) covered "to the west goodbye" and "the girls" pictured above sang it(my lyrcs...fucking weird), this apparently becoming the most downloaded and requested track by the techie/hippie community--peel away the layers of irony as we tour in a covered wagon.

john got a snakebite: lose three days, new madrid faults!

.......oregon trail.......anyone..........

Sunday, April 19, 2009

on recording an album

we wrote and recorded this album primarily in a basement then a garage and surrounding grassy areas--used loud amps, played at the same time, sweating, mics sucking up all the bleed, hit crashes some people would say are too big, and sang through guitar amps, didn't always use a bass guitar. switched instruments, dug each other, and kept going.

fuck it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

words for time

here we are. bethlehem. 2nd zine out and about and our first album, Concerning Small Town Aberration, spreads its little wings monday, april twentieth. this feels like warm fuzz and joy. there's so much music happening around us and a new album worth of demos being accumulated down in the basement. above ground audio labs is pretty much a constant stir of musical work, projects lined up, ease up on the shows for building sounds and wooden things. this is matt...the curlyfuzz one. sentiment is universal for all of us. just different words. here's a video of the serious hard work that went into recording Concerning Small Town Aberration....

love love love !

oh here's another where kass goes wild city..